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Through embodied practice and collective healing, We All Rise.

“Yoga is an incredible gift. It is healing, empowering, and keeps ​me anchored in the present. It reminds me to tap into my ​sense of intuition and inner strength.”

CURRENT Classes & Workshops


    • Mondays: City of Burlington Private 12-1 pm at City Hall
    • Thursdays: BIPOC Affinity Restorative 6:30-7:30 pm (Pine Street)
    • Fridays: Flow Down 5:30-6:30 pm (Williston & Hybrid)
    • Saturdays: Move & Restore 11:30-12:30 pm (North Winooski)


    • Tuesdays: BIPOC Affinity Vinyasa Flow 5:45-7:00 pm
    • Teacher feature in April & August 2024


    • Wednesdays: BIPOC Affinity Move & Meditate 5:30-6:30 pm
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Vanessa Santos Eugenio (she/her/hers), founder of We All Rise, has practiced yoga ​since 2004 and meditation since 2000. She completed her 200-hour yoga teacher ​training with Laughing River Yoga in 2020 under the teachings of Candace J. Taylor, ​Malaika DosRemedios, Emily Garret, and Sofi Dillof.

Vanessa is a trauma-informed instructor, drawn to help participants find healing ​through yoga practice on the path to liberation, inner strength, and empowerment. ​She has a vested interest in social justice, and inclusion and is dedicated to making ​yoga accessible to all people. She believes that mindfulness is not only a path for ​personal peace and well-being but ultimately for the peace and well-being of all.

Vanessa holds an M.Ed. from the University of Vermont. As a long-time educator and ​facilitator, she brings a thoughtful and informative lens when teaching, honoring the ​deep and rich history that yogic practices hold.

Her classes are thoughtfully and intuitively crafted to create a simple rhythm for ​participants to enter a flow state. Participants can expect yoga and meditation ​classes that are inclusive, welcoming, and facilitated with warmth and care.

Vanessa is part of the teaching faculty for the Burlington Yoga Equity Project and ​serves as the Executive Board Secretary.


Vanessa’s class provided helpful reminders of some of the basics of personal ​safety in the practice of yoga while providing the space and atmosphere to ​meditate and release stressors built up in the body. Vanessa’s care and ​compassion for each of the attendees was evident in her words, her actions and ​her energy from the time people entered the space to after the class as folks ​hung around chatting. The class was a great opportunity to take time out of the ​day and truly focus on yourself while in a community of color. Such a beautiful ​thing should be experienced by all BIPOC in the Vermont area.” - C.M.

Vanessa’s classes have been transformative to me. I’ve probably been ​to hundreds of yoga classes, and have never had as good of ​experience in a yoga class as I have had in her class. I have always ​struggled to be present in my body, and Vanessa has made classes ​feel safe and captivating. Vanessa’s voice and body language help me ​be present in my yoga practice. Her introductions at the beginning of ​class are meaningful and helpful. I can’t say enough good things ​about Vanessa and her classes. Take them! - A.S.

My experience during the yoga class with Vanessa was very nurturing. As a person ​new to yoga, I felt supported and surrounded with care during the class. I could be ​myself and there was no pressure to perform a specific way. I am looking forward to ​attending more classes in the future! - J.A.

I am new to yoga but the class I took didn't make me feel like I was. I had a class ​with Vanessa, in this class I was able to feel comfortable and push myself at the ​right pace. By the end of the class I felt at peace and more relaxed than I have ​ever felt. This class was amazing and I will definitely be going back! - V.L.

I took a Restorative Yin class with Vanessa and it was the Perfect end to a stressful ​day. Her calming voice and the cozy space were like soap for my brain, and I left ​feeling refreshed and at peace. I cannot recommend her classes enough; I will ​definitely be back! - R.K.

I’ve so deeply appreciated the 6 week yoga session on Sunday’s with ​Vanessa. As a WOC I often feel there is not much space to feel and ​show up as I am. I’m often repressing emotions unconsciously to get ​by because my surroundings can’t relate to me as a first generation ​immigrant and the older sister. Vanessa’s class provided me a safe ​space to feel and show up unapologetically. I’ve cried, laughed, felt ​and reflected during that 6 week. I showed up with my friend and it ​has felt truly transformative. I look forward to every Sunday knowing I ​get to come to class and I know I’ll be okay after a stressful week. ​Thank you, Vanessa ,for holding space for BIPOC community. I hope ​you continue with similar programs in the future! - R.S.

Your classes have become a place of refuge, grounding, and ​rejuvenation for me this past year. Thank you for modeling what ​embodiment of yoga entails and for sharing such a gift on a weekly ​basis! - O.S.

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Resources & Recommendations

Here are several resources and content that has helped to support my practice and wellbeing. May they support you as well!


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